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Video Production

Create memorable videos of an event, promote your new product or even turn your photo album at home into a slideshow with your favorite songs.

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Computer Repair

If your phone or computer has taken a turn for the worst contact us with the details and we will focus on getting you back up and running.

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Web Design

Showcase your company or product on the web with a website that is custom designed the way you envision it.

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Anything else

Contact us with any media related needs you may have and we will respond within 24 hours whether we can help or not.

About Us

We are a new company created to fit the needs of a broad range of customers
Sometimes you need a little help to turn a big idea into an amazing reality.

Let face it. There are a lot of media companies out there and a lot of different options to even do things on your own. So why use our company to meet your needs? We bring a broad set of options to the table and promise to provide solutions in a unique and creative way.

We created this company with a customer in mind that wants to do something amazing but just doesn't know the best way to get it done Maybe you have a photo album of pictures at home you would like to create into a montage. Maybe there is a product you want to sell but don't know the best way to get it out there. Contact us with any ideas or questions and will promise to respond within 24 hours letting you know if it's something we can handle for you.

You may think your ideas are too big or expensive to make a reality but we at Bright Idea Media Solutions are an affordable option to make your dreams into exactly what you picture them.

  • We formed a team with a wide range of experience in many different environments

  • When we partner with you, we do not give up until a satisfactory solution is achieved.

  • While other media companies seek to charge as much as possible we promise to be fair in our pricing.

  • We are not just a one stop shop. Tell us all of your media needs and well take care of anything we can.


We are the people that work for you


Project Manager
Luke is the founder of Bright Idea Media Solutions. He loves discussing creative ideas and pursuing new ways of engaging people. With experience in IT, sales, and administration, he promises to always find a solution for your needs.


Lead Designer
Jake has an eye for converging lines and intriguing spaces. He often produces new and unique content by collaborating with others. He enjoys drinking coffee in his home and playing guitar at church on the weekends.


Rachel has worked in a range environments for a long list of clients. She has experience with logo design, pamphlet creation, poster layout, and even app management. Talk to her about puppies or invite her to a concert and she will be your best friend.


Brendan loves to tell stories through his photography. He offers a broad range of skills and experience to those looking for pictures of any kind. He will do all he can to tell your story in a unique and creative way.


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